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Air Combat


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Hello and Welcome to the AIR COMBAT COMMAND EVENTS page. Here we hold three events. William Tell, Air to Air Combat event. Red Flag, A large scale combat scenario. Gun Smoke, Air to Ground Combat event. Each event was mad up by the United State Air Force to test the skills of the Squadrons and their pilots to see if their training has done the job.

Each event conceit of a number of scenarios to see if pilots have the skills to be called TOP PILOT or TOP GUN. The events are based on real combat scenarios to find out if the pilots and squadrons can up hold their reputation and name as the best in the Air Force. Even though the Air Force has trained the pilots to their breaking point they need to see if they still have what it takes to do the job in peace times.


Though this is a game to see who has the skills to get the job done the pilots and squadrons react to this game as a real war during peace time. They come here to prove the them self and the people of the United State and the world that the U.S. Armed Force are the best in the business. And  not to take them lightly.


But the main reasons why the pilots and squadrons come here is to prove to them self's that they are the best in the business. Each pilot and squadron that come here has something to prove to them self. One, If they have the strength and heart to protect their country at all cost. Two, To build the faith in our country men and women  that what they do is for their safe being and lively hood. And to up hold the honor of the Untied States and our Allies..

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